English Department

English as a language for communication never appears to be a hindrance for the students as the faculty aims at removing the doubts of the learners. It also not only polishes the oratory and calligraphy skills of students but also encourages the habit of reading, listening and thinking critically and analytically - a habit which will benefit them beyond the English classes. English conversation has been made mandatory from class L.K.G to XII.

Head of Department
Mrs. Anju Khurana
Hindi Department

Hindi language is our mother tongue which is given exposure & due importance through Hindi Dept. This Dept. not only gives continuous practice but also polishes their skills in Story telling, Debate, Declamation etc. but also gives them important guidelines to write long & short compositions & factual Description. Students are motivated & inspired to develop their mother tongue & not lose a track of it. In this fast pacing world Sanskrit Language is also not forgotten in our school and given due recognition by holding various shloka competitions in the school. Thus Hindi & Sanskrit Dept. jointly aspire to show the potential of the students at national & international level.

Head of Department
Ms. Poonam
Science Department

This Department aims to give the students scientific knowledge to understand every field of science which not only leads to respect of all living things but also enables the students to understand the origin and evolution of life. The basic concepts of three branches of science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are made interesting through lectures, lab activities and project work. The students are given the opportunity to explore, describe and analyze phenomena of the world around them, through field trips, nature walk etc. The total emphasis is on teaching basic physics principles, resolving contradictions and learning how to think and reason scientifically.

Head of Science Department
Mrs. Kiran Singh
Computer Science Department

The computer science department aims to maintain and stimulate pupil's curiosity, interest and enjoyment in IT. It also enables all pupils to have equal access to IT facilities and gives them an experience to be successful in their work. The development of students is made by polishing their IT skills, concepts, methods, principles and vocabulary. Providing and managing safe access to the internet for information gathering and research helps the students to make them believe that IT is a necessary part of the overall development plan of the school and not a separate aspect.

Head of Department
Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur
Mathematics Department

Mathematics is closely linked with clear and correct thinking which we try to imbibe in the students. Mathematics Department is based on ideology "Teaching with practical methodology". The curriculum and strategy support this statement very well. Besides all practical uses of the subject and its link with other subjects we often neglect the intrinsic beauty of its own sake. Learning of mathematics in a conducive environment makes it easier to learn. Regular assignments, individual attention, participation in Olympiads make the young mathematician more inclined to learn the difficult concepts in a better way. In order to achieve all above aims we here adopt a very effective strategy of teaching mathematics through mathematical lab kits.

Head of Department
Ms. Neha Jajoria
Social Studies Department

The aim of this Department is to enable students to understand historical processes and circumstances. It also provides opportunity for students to be familiar with the diverse visions, logical reasoning and abstraction, inculcates attention to have respect for viewpoints other than one's own, enables students to be familiar with some of the key political events and figures, develop their capacity to link macro processes with micro situations and enables the students to expand their horizon beyond India and equips them to be conscious of the way in which global events and processes shape our everyday lives.

Head of Department
Mrs. Neeru Vij
Primary Department

The primary department is always abuzz with a plethora of well thought of and purposeful activities, the subjects are made interesting through well planned and meticulous organization of the syllabi supplemented with easy to do projects and activities (indoor/outdoor ). Educational excursions and recreational tours are organized throughout the year.

All care is taken in training the young impressionable minds of the children in their prime years. it has always been our constant endeavour to bring a smile on every face.

Yoga and physical training classes on a regular basis in the school curriculum take care of the physical development of the children. Along with academics, importance is also given to co-curricular activities for an all round development of the child.

Head of Department
Mrs. Jyoti Kaur
Pre-primary Department

Pre-primary wing of MMPS is an important part for the school and ensures children to grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It not only takes the responsibility to train the children some manners and communication skills as possible but also help a child to face different interviews and improve their communication skills.
Along and with the other kids, Pre-primary kids learn how to stay together, communicate, make friends, share, kind manners and everything that a child would learn in the absence of the parents.
A primary lesson or education here teaches them to take care of themselves in a very proper manner, Face further interviews and programs, every child is taught how to communicate with the teachers and then gradually the pattern of their interactions are recorded and taught how to communicate well. Also, there are competitions in schools all around and encourage for bringing in the confidence and verbal skills.
The most essential part is the overall development which is received really well at MMPS, as it is important for a kid to know various things for skills and development.

Head of Department
Mrs. Vrinda Seth
Middle Department

Formal subjects are introduced. Lessons are taught in a way to ensure each student excel in the respective subject. Various projects and assignments based on the curriculum are designed for the kids. Robotic lab has been developed in consultation with leading experts. Special emphasis is laid on language, communication and life skills to empower students with tools to extend the learning beyond class room into real life. Middle Wing faculties work collaboratively to recognize and address adolescents- developmental diversity.
The classrooms come to life with the Active Learning curriculum and experiential learning techniques. The middle wing lays a great emphasis on inclusive education. The academic curriculum of middle wing is designed to instill a healthy respect for hard work and to develop sound formal studying skills. In these years students are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school.

Head of Department
Mrs. Sunita Dhingra
Academic Department

The mission of MM Public School is to empower children by discovering leadership in each of them and make them productive and committed citizens, who could bring humanitarian changes in the world. MMPS teaching fraternity nurtures these qualities quite jealousy as the Gospel truth.
The educators being facilitators, have always encouraged every child to develop in their special field of interest and realised the fact that every student does not have the same talent and so each one will achieve success differently.
MMPS promotes and encourages children to take part in their areas of interest through various E.C.A, Sports and Co-curricular activities at inter-school, district, state and national levels.

Head of Department
Mrs. Renuka Sharma
Art Department

Understanding that Careers in the 21st century will demand creative and innovative thinkers who can communicate and collaborate across cultures. Art education at MMPS encourages critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. These higher-order thinking skills are critical for students to learn in order to live productively in our emerging global society.
We believe that the arts are VITAL in providing a well-rounded education for our students. Art education promotes student success in society, school, developing intelligence and life. The Art Curriculum at MM Public School is aligned to the Academic Content Standards.
We find reasons to celebrate art in the MM Public School every day, and our students are encouraged to participate in local, state and national events, shows and competitions throughout the year.

Head of Department
Mrs. Priti Anand
Sport Department

Students have a daily sports class in addition to the sports inter-house and inter-school, Zonal, district, state and national competitions. Physical Education is a core element of a balanced education for them and contributes towards the integrated development of the mind and body. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem, enhances physical, social and cognitive development and improves academic achievement. By encouraging qualities such as perseverance, initiative and independence pupils experience a feeling of success and enjoyment. Physical Education encourages children to acquire knowledge of the relationship between the care of the body, well-being and an active and healthy lifestyle.

Head of Department
Mr. Vijendra Singh