Our curriculum focuses on a systematic system to develop the overall personality of all our children through High Teaching Aids, Reading Material and Qualitative Assignments throughout the year. We also emphasize on learning besides the confined walls of classroom with focus on wide range of co-curricular activities like Story Narration, Music, Dance, Drama, Skating, Cycling etc. which not only rejuvenates and recharges the child but also polishes his new skills. Each activity finds a significant place in our curriculum which familiarizes both senior and junior age group students with their hobbies, interests, family values and social issues etc. A constructive and concrete approach in our curriculum builds a student to a strong, hard build architect who can design his own destiny. The school follows the curriculum as prescribed by NCERT at various levels.


Talents are recognized and appreciated in innovative ways in form of awards and scholarships. Motivation is the best way to stimulate the young minds. A series of Annual Awards are being introduced to motivate and encourage our students.


An award for all students of classes L.K.G-U.K.G. obtaining a minimum of A1 grade in all the five main subject.

Class Marks obtained
I-V 90% and above in all main subjects in aggregate of all Cycle Tests.
VI-IX 80% and above in two main languages.
  90% and above in other main subjects in Final Term.
XI Science, Commerce and Humanities... 85% and above in the languages.
  90% and above in other main subjects.

Shri Lomesh Rishi Pathak Scholarship A very special award for the student who will show an overall outstanding performance over the year.
Good Writer An award to the students who are good in writing Poems, Slogans, Stories, Articles, etc.
Best In Co-Curricular Activities An Award to the students achieving maximum prestigious awards in co-curricular activities
Best Sportsman An Award to the students achieving maximum prestigious awards in sports activities