MMPS/Circular/11/2023 Date: 24-08-2023 Regarding safety of students in van

Enrollment of Young Voters in the electoral rolls of NCT of Delhi.

MMPS/Circular/09/2023 Date:-02.05.2023 regarding Van Students

MMPS/Circular/08/2023 Date:-02.05.2023 regarding of Vector Borne Disease

MMPS/Circular/03/2023 Dated:-10.02.2023 regarding Class X and XII Admit Cards

MMPS/Circular/02/2023 Dated 06.02.2023 regarding Road Safety Measures

MMPS/Circular/16/2022 Dated 30.12.2022 regarding No Ironed Clothes

MMPS/Circular/15/2022 regarding school closed on account of National Lawn Tennis

MMPS/Circular/14/2022 Date:-18.11.2022 regarding Winter Uniform

MMPS/Circular/13/2022 Date:-21.10.2022 regarding Cracker Free Diwali

MMPS/Circular/11/2022 Date:-19.10.2022 regarding Vector Borne Disease

MMPS/Circular/10/2022 Dated :27.09.2022 regarding Azadi Quest

MMPS/Circular/08/2022 Dated:-20.08.2022 regarding Online Fee Payment

MMPS/Circular/07/2022 Dated :01.08.2022 regarding "Instruction for parents and Proforma to be given in school by Van users"

MMPS/Circular/06/2022 Dated: 06.05.2022 regarding List of vendors providing books, writting material and uniform along with class wise books list

MMPS/Circular/05/2022 Dated :22.04.2022 regarding SCHOOL OFF DAYS DURING CBSE EXAMS

MMPS/Circular/04/2022 Dated :24.03.2022 regarding Consent from parents for a survey of impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of students during Covid pandemic

MMPS/Circular/03/2022 Dated :08.03.2022 regarding Mental Health and Well-being Survey

MMPS/Circular/02/2022 Dated :24.01.2022 regarding Live streaming of Republic Day Parade

MMPS/Circular/01/2022 Dated :10.01.2022 regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Camp at MMPS

MMPS/Circular/39/2021 Dated :04.12.2021 regarding "Consent for mode of Examinations"

MMPS/Circular/38/2021 Dated :30.10.2021 regarding

MMPS/Circular/37/2021 Dated : 11.10.2021 regarding Children's Safe Online Gaming

MMPS/Circular/36/2021 Dated : 16.09.2021 regarding “Safety isn’t Expensive, it is Priceless”

MMPS/Circular/35/2021 Dated : 06.09.2021 regarding Class IX and XI CBSE registration of students

MMPS/Circular/34/2021 Dated : 06.09.2021 regarding REVISED MID TERM SCHEDULE FOR IX TO XII

MMPS/Circular/32/2021 Dated : 12.08.2021 Career Guidance and Couselling_IX-XII

MMPS/Circular/31/2021 Dated : 12.08.2021 regarding Consent for sending students X and XII

MMPS/Circular/30/2021 Dated : 04.08.2021 regarding National Deworming Campaign

MMPS/Circular/29/2021 Dated : 28.07.2021 regarding new scheme of assessment by CBSE for classes IX to XII

MMPS/Circular/28/2021 Dated : 12.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class XII Going out

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class XII

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class XI

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class X

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class IX

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class VIII

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class VII

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class VI

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class V

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class IV

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class III

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class II

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class I

MMPS/Circular/15-27/2021 Dated : 11.06.2021 regarding Fee Arrear 2020-21 and Fee 2021-22 for class UKG

MMPS/Circular/14/2021 Dated : 11.05.2021 regarding Summer Vacations

MMPS/Circular/13/2021 Dated : 10.05.2021 regarding CBSE Dost App for Students

MMPS/Circulars/12/2021 dated 15-4-2021 regarding Covid-19 Jan Andolan

MMPS/Circulars/11/2021 dated 10-4-2021 regarding Class IX compartment exams online

MMPS/Circulars/10/2021 dated 10-4-2021 regarding Class XII revision classes online

MMPS/Circulars/09/2021 dated 10-4-2021 regarding Class XII practical exams postponed

MMPS/Circulars/08/2021 dated 10-4-2021 regarding Class XI compart exams postponed

MMPS/Circulars/07/2021 dated 04-03-2021 regarding Online Safety

MMPS/Circulars/06/2021 dated 30-1-2021 regarding Consent for Sending children to school

Online classes time table for classes Pre-School to VIII

Online classes time table for classes IX and XI

Offline classes timetable for classes X and XII

MMPS/Circulars/05/2021 dated 16-1-2021 regarding Consent for Sending children to school

MMPS/Circular/04/2021 Dated: 16.01.2021 Regarding : Ban on sharp Manja

MMPS/Circular/03/2021 Dated: 16.01.2021 Regarding : Noise pollution

MMPS/Circular/02/2021 Dated: 15.01.2021 Regarding : Sending children to school

MMPS/Circular/01/2021 Dated: 15.01.2021 Regarding : Toycathon 2021

MMPS/Circulars/24/2020 dated 28-11-2020 regarding EWS Continuation

MMPS/Circulars/23/2020 dated 28-11-2020 regarding Underage Students Driving

MMPS/Circulars/22/2020 dated 21-11-2020 regarding Ban on Bursting and sale of all kinds of firecrackers in NCT of Delhi

MMPS/Circular/21/2020 Dated: 18.11.2020 regarding Campaign against Pollution `Red Light On, Gaadi off’

MMPS/Circular/20/2020 Dated: 02.11.2020 Regarding Anti Crackers Campaign

MMPS/Circulars/19/2020 dated 26-9-2020 regarding Pragyata guidelines to Digital Education

MMPS/Circulars/18/2020 dated 17-9-2020 regarding Vector Borne Diseases

MMPS/Circulars/17/2020 dated 17-9-2020 regarding Consent for Sending children to school

MMPS/Circulars/16/2020 dated 13-8-2020 regarding Ban on Sharp Manja in NCT of Delhi

MMPS/Circulars/15/2020 dated 06-8-2020 regarding MANODARPAN Psychological support for students

MMPS/Circulars/14/2020 dated 27-07-2020 regarding CBSE Material available for Children

MMPS/Circulars/13/2020 dated 24-07-2020 regarding Online Classes and students screen time

MMPS/Circulars/12/2020 dated 09-07-2020 regarding timely payment of fees

MMPS/Circulars/11/2020 dated 30-05-2020 regarding Summer Holidays

MMPS/Circulars/10/2020 dated 21-05-2020 regarding students spending time online

MMPS/Circulars/09/2020 dated 18-05-2020 regarding Online Classes

MMPS/Circulars/08/2020 dated 07-04-2020 regarding Fee payment during Lockdown

MMPS/Circulars/07/2020 dated 19-3-2020 regarding preventing spread of Corona Virus

MMPS/Circulars/06/2020 dated 19-3-2020 regarding COVID-19

MMPS/Circulars/05/2020 dated 25-2-2020 regarding Preventive Measures and Advisory for Novel Corona virus Disease

MMPS/Circulars/04/2020 dated 11-2-2020 regarding Reducing Bag Weight

MMPS/Circulars/03/2020 dated 05-2-2020 regarding Stress Free Exams

MMPS/Circulars/02/2020 dated 05-2-2020 regarding Creating Safe Environment for Children

MMPS/Circulars/01/2020 dated 29-1-2020 regarding Healthy Happy Home Environment

MMPS/Circular/43/2019 Dated: -16.12.2019 regarding Unit Test - II

MMPS/Circular/42/2019 Dated: -13.12.2019 regarding Full Days during Cycle Test - III

MMPS/Circular/41/2019 Dated: -06.12.2019 regarding intoxicants

MMPS/Circular/40/2019 Dated: -28.11.2019 regarding Registration for Admission 2020-21

MMPS/Circular/39/2019 Dated: -26.11.2019 regarding Painting Competition

MMPS/Circular/38/2019 Dated: -11.11.2019 regarding Breakfast

MMPS/Circular/37/2019 Dated: -01.11.2019 regarding Deteriorating Air Quality

MMPS/Circular/36/2019 Dated: -01.11.2019 regarding Compulsory Winter Uniform

MMPS/Circular/35/2019 Dated: -25.10.2019 regarding Diwali Break

MMPS/Circular/34/2019 Dated: -25.10.2019 regarding Reducing Bag Weight

MMPS/Circular/33/2019 Dated: -25.10.2019 regarding Anti Fire Cracker Campaign

MMPS/Circular/32/2019 Dated: -15.10.2019 regarding Private Vans

MMPS/Circular/31/2019 Dated: -04.10.2019 regarding Digital Detox

MMPS/Circular/30/2019 Dated: 04.10.2019 regarding Risk factors and causes associated with substance abuse

MMPS/Circular/29/2019 Dated: -03.09.2019 regarding awareness against spread of Dengue

MMPS/Circular/28/2019 Dated: -01.10.2019 regarding Single Use Plastic

MMPS/Circular/27/2019 Dated: -13.09.2019 regarding Half days during Examination

MMPS/Circular/26/2019 Dated: -13.09.2019 regarding Creating No Tobacco Zone around children

MMPS/Circular/25/2019 Dated: -09.09.2019 regarding Installation of ACs

MMPS/Circular/24/2019 Dated: -06.09.2019 regarding ANTI-BULLYING-POLICY

MMPS/Circular/23/2019 Dated: -04.09.2019 regarding Drug Abuse in children

MMPS/Circular/23/2019 Dated: -04.09.2019 regarding Drug Abuse in children

MMPS/Circular/22/2019 Dated: -03.09.2019 regarding Road Safety for children

MMPS/Circular/21/2019 Dated:- 22.08.2019

MMPS/Circular/20/2019 Dated: -20.08.2019

MMPS/Circular/19/2019 Dated: -20.08.2019

MMPS/Circular/18/2019 Dated: -20.08.2019

MMPS/Circular/17/2019 Dated: - 06-07-2019

MMPS/Circular/16/2019 Dated :- 06-07-2019

MMPS/Circular/15/2019 Dated :-05-07-2019

MMPS/Circular/14/2019 Dated:- 24-05-2019

MMPS/Circular/13/2019 Dated:- 13-05-2019

MMPS/Circular/12/2019 Dated:- 3-05-2019

MMPS/Circular/11/2019 Dated:- 29-04-2019

MMPS/Circular/10/2019 Dated:- 29-04-2019

MMPS/Circular/09/2019 Dated: -02.04.2019

MMPS/Circular/08/2019 Dated: -02.04.2019

MMPS/circular/07/2019 Dated:-01-04-2019

MMPS/Circular/5/2019 Dated:-26-2-2019

MMPS/Circular/04/2019 Dated:-13-02-2019

MMPS/Circular/03/2019 Dated:-11-02-2019

MMPS/Circular/02/2019 Dated:-31-01-2019

MMPS/Circular/01/2019 Dated:-31-01-2019

MMPS/Circular/25/2018 Dated:-28-12-2018

MMPS/Circular/24/2018 Dated:-21-12-2018

MMPS/Circular/23/2018 Dated:-17-12-2018

MMPS/Circular/22/2018 Dated:-03-12-2018

MMPS/Circular/21/2018 Dated:-16-11-2018

MMPS/Circular/20/2018 Dated:-06-11-2018

MMPS/Circular/19/2018 Dated:-02-11-2018

MMPS/Circular/18/2018 Dated:- 29-10-2018

MMPS/Circular/17/2018 Dated:- 29-10-2018

MMPS/Circular/16/2018 Dated:- 27-10-2018

MMPS/Circular/15/2018 Dated:- 12-09-2018

MMPS/Circular/14 /2018 Dated:- 07-09-2018

MMPS/Circular/13/2018 Dated:- 17-08-2018

MMPS/Circular/12/2018 Dated:- 25-07-2018

MMPS/Circular/11/2018 Dated:- 19-07-2018

MMPS/Circular/10/2018 Dated:- 04-05-2018

MMPS/Circular/09/2018 Dated:- 04-05-2018

MMPS/Circular/07/2018 Dated:-25-04-2018

MMPS/Circular/06/2018 Date:24-April-2018

MMPS/Circular/05/2018 Dated : 1-03-2018

MMPS/Circular/04 /2018 Dated:- 12 -02-2018

MMPS/Circular/03 /2018 Dated:-07-02-2018

MMPS/Circular/02 /2018 Dated:-06-02-2018

MMPS/Circular/01/2018 Dated:-30-01-2018

MMPS/Circular/11 /2017 Dated:-19-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:- XII(New Admission) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-XIIth(E,F,G,H) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-XIIth(A,B,C,D) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-XIth(E,F,G,H) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-XIth(A,B,C,D) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-Xth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-IXth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-VIIIth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-VIIth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-VIth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-Vth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-IVth Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-IIIrd Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-IInd Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:-Ist Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:- Pre-Primary (UKG) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/10/2017 for Class:- Pre-School (LKG) Dated:- 15-12-2017

MMPS/Circular/08/2017 Dated:- 13-11-2017

MMPS/Circular/ 07/2017 Dated:-25 -10-2017

MMPS/Circular/ 06/2017 Dated:-01-09-2017

MMPS/Circular/5/2017 Dated:-24-07-2017

MMPS/Circular/ 04/2017 Dated : 13-07-2017

MMPS/Circular/03/2017 Dated:- 18-05-2017

MMPS/Circular/02/2017 Dated:- 12-05-2017

MMPS/Circular/01/2017 Dated:- 04-05-2017

MMPS/Circular/17/2016 Dated:-29-12-2016

MMPS/Circular/16/2016 Dated:-27-12-2016

MMPS/Circular/15/2016 Dated:-30-11-2016

MMPS/Circular/14/2016 Dated:-10-10-2016

MMPS/Circular/13/2016 Dated:7-10-2016

MMPS/Circular/12/2016 Dated:7-10-2016

MMPS/Circular/11/2016 Dated:7-10-2016

MMPS/Circular/10/2016 Dated:12-09-2016

MMPS/Circular/09/2015 Dated:01-09-2016

MMPS/Circular/8/2016 Dated:-17-08-2016

MMPS/Circular/8/2016 Dated:-17-08-2016

MMPS/Circular/07/2016 Dated:- 17-08-2016

MMPS/Circular/06/2016 Dated:- 21-07-2016

MMPS/Circular/05/2016 Dated:- 06-07-2016

MMPS/Circular/04/2016 Dated:- 26-04-2016

MMPS/Circular/ 03/2016 Dated: 26-04-2016

MMPS/Circular/ 02/2016 Dated : 10-03-2016

MMPS/Circular/01/2016 Dated:06-02-2016

MMPS/Circular/15/2015 Dated:23-12-2015

MMPS/Circular/14/2015 Dated:16-12-2015

MMPS/Circular/13/2015 Dated:- 03-11-2015

MMPS/Circular/12/2015 Dated:- 17-09-2015

MMPS/Circular/11/2015 Dated:09-09-2015

MMPS/Circular/10/2015 Dated:- 19-08-2015

MMPS/Circular/09/2015 Dated:- 12-08-2015

MMPS/Circular/08/2015 Dated:- 11-08-2015

MMPS/Circular/07/2015 Dated:30-07-2015

MMPS/Circular/06/2015 Dated:30-07-2015

MMPS/Circular/05/2015 Dated:09-07-2015

MMPS/Circular/04/2015 Dated:08-07-2015

MMPS/Circular/03/2015 Dated:15-05-2015

MMPS/Circular/02/2015 Dated:05-05-2015

MMPS/Circular/01/2015 Dated:05-05-2015

MMPS/Circular/21/2014 Dated:-26-12-2014

MMPS/Circular/19/2014 Dated:- 01-12-14

MMPS/Circular/18/2014 Dated:- 17-10-14

MMPS/Circular/17/2014 Dated:- 08-09-14

MMPS/Circular/16/2014 Dated: - 09-09-14

MMPS/Circular/15/2014 Dated:- 04-09-14

MMPS/Circular/14/2014 Dated:- 29-08-14

MMPS/Circular/13/2014 Dated:- 21-08-14

MMPS/Circular/12/2014 Dated:- 21-08-14

MMPS/Circular/11/2014 Dated:- 13-08-14

MMPS/Circular/10/2014 Dated:- 05-08-14

MMPS/Circular/09/2014 Dated:- 25-07-14

MMPS/Circular/08/2014 Dated:- 09-05-14

MMPS/Circular/ 07/2014 Dated: 06-05-2014

MMPS/Circular/06/2014 Dated:- 06-05-14


MMPS/Circular/ 05/2014 Dated: 23-04-2014

MMPS/Circular/04/2014 Dated:- 1/04/2014

MMPS/Circular/06/2014 Dated:- 06-05-14


MMPS/Circular/06/2014 Dated:- 06-05-14


MMPS/Circular/01/2014 Dated:- 06-01-14