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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Expression by Law Expert

On 10th May 2016 an expression on ?Career in Law? was organized in our school. The guest of honour was Mrs. C.K. Dateer. Mrs. Dateer addressed the students of Class 12th (Commerce / Humanities) by sharing her life experience of becoming a successful Law expert.


She emphasized on the need of an hour is FOCUS ON TARGET and DETERMINATION. She asked students to have concentrated approach towards their goal.


A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries and views on various spheres. The students found the session very useful and learnt to be visionary in approach. The session ended with the lesson of life to be target oriented and become successful.


A highly motivated worshop was organized by the school on 28th April 2016 for class XI to inform the students about their various career options in science stream after class XII. Mr. Sudhanshu Bajaj, the IITians, the renowned academician, very effectively discussed various advantages of different career; students actively participated in the discussion. Mr. Sudhanshu also satisfied the queries of the students very effectively. It proved to be a very enlightening and wonderful session. 


An orientation programme was organized by M.M Public school to guide the students on IIT and medical entrance examination for class XI on 10 May 2016,in the school premises. Mr. N.K Gupta,an IITian and a renowned academician presented an adorable session on IIT and Medical entrance exams. According to Mr. Gupta IIT exam is one of the most esteemed and tricky exam. According to him every year lakhs of aspirants appear for IIT and Medical Entrance but a few are able to achieve the desired result. He focused on the planned studies and reviewing the plan occasionally to find lapses. He also stressed on different approaches to solve difficult questions.  Mr. Cheeranjiv Sharma, an academician who presented admirable lecture for the medical students discussed various critical questions of entrance exams.  The important topics were the part  of the session.  He motivated students to study the NCERT books thoroughly during entrance and XII Board Examination.  Both the lecturers subdued the queries of the students and clearly stated the importance of professional guidance to the students.  The whole session was highly informative and enriching

Tittle : Parents workshop on Awakened Citizens

M.M.PUBLIC SCHOOL organized a Parental Workshop for class II on 23 April 2016   to awaken the parents about their children and to help them to understand them better. Many inspiring examples of great personalities were given to enhance their knowledge on child psychology. They were guided not to pressurize their children for academics only but to search for their hidden talent and to groom it.

Tittle : Workshop on clay molding

An activity on Art and craft was conducted in IV and V class in which students made mask of panda and duck. The students were guided with the video and then were divided into two teams. All the material was provided by the resource persons. Students participated whole heartedly in the activity and also showed their creative skills. Best art piece was selected and prizes were also distributed. All in all it was a learning experience for the students.

Tittle : Interaction with Delhi ka sabse bada Vella- RJ Rocky 93.5 Red FM.

It was fascinating to capture golden moments with the famous RJ Rocky who is on Air from 11 am to 1 pm on 93.5 Red FM as Delhi Ka Sabse Bada Vella. The students were opportunate enough to have an interaction with him and do lot and lot of Vellapanti with him on 4th May 2016.The prestigious RJ of India Mr. Rocky   shared his views about his life and achievements after being greeted with a momento and bouquet .He entertained students with his humorous gestures and silly jokes which he speaks on FM .He also remarked that RJ ?s ultimate aim is to bring smile on the faces of his listeners.The students also asked number of questions and were satisfied with the answers. Mehak XI , Milind X, Tejasv X, Jigyasa IX ,Sanket X , Saurabh Wadhwa X, and Falguni XI were motivated to lead a life with the message given by him that ?Perfection Is Required in Every Profession? 

Thus, the interaction filled excitement and enthusiasm in students to excel in the field of RJ. 

Ques:  Life of a common man is getting very difficult, so according to your opinion how does listening to FM helps them relaxing their mind?

Ans:  Hmm. Nice question. Actually we, just try to make people happy by cracking jokes,  by entertaining them. This really helps people relaxing their minds. 

Ques:  what else do you do other than being an RJ?

Ans:  Ummm. I drink, I eat, I sleep, and I do swimming too. Helene. Actually I love playing cricket. I playcricket, spend time with friends, travel, and takes vocal training because we have to take care of our voice too. Dats it. 

Ques:  who is your favorite RJ?

Ans:  Ohh!! It?s me. But other than me it is RJ Swati, Ashish, and Raunak. All these are really good so, they are favorite ones. 

Ques: Was it your dream or destiny wanted you to be an RJ?

Ans:  Actually destiny wanted, because I always wanted to be an actor, and RJ?s auditionwas just a try and I became an RJ. 

Ques:  As you know its human nature, that one becomes happy or sad. So, when you are sad with whom you spend your time? Friends, family or your fans.Listening to you?

Ans: Nice question!! I actually, whenever I become sad I come to the studio listen to three or four songs at full volume refresh my mind. I cheer up myself that life is full of problems. One should always overcome those problems. So I start up my day being an RJ. 

Ques:  How important is your contribution in scripting your programme?

Ans: Every contribution is mine. Actually we don?t make particular scripts for our show. We just read newspapers get updated and speak on the spot whatsoever thought comes in our mind. 

Ques: what are your achievements in life?

Ans: Actually, whenever I go on the  stageand speak that ?I am the biggest vella of Delhi? people used to clap for me and that is the biggest achievement and prize for me. 

Ques: What qualities a person must persist to be a good RJ?

Ans:  The must important thing is that ?whether youhave humor or not, you must have sense of humor?. Just kidding. A good RJ always observes things going around him and he shall also prepare himself for the show. One of the most important thing is he shall be very confident of himself. 

Ques:  Who is your inspiration?

Ans:  Ahh!! My inspiration. On radio it is RJ Nitin one of my favorite and my inspiration. On theatre it is Shahrukh Khan, the he has started his life and on the position he is on today is unimaginable. 

Ques:  Since you have to speak continuously for quite a long time. So, how do you prepare yourself before starting up your show?

Ans:  I before starting my show always read newspapers. This keep me updated with what is going on throughout the city.  I sometimes ask my producers to check for two-three news on the television and choose one of those to prepare my show. 

Ques:  The last line of your Interview would be?

Ans:  Thank You So Much!!

Tittle : What after Class XII

Workshop on What after Class XII

An enthusiastic workshop on what after class XII for students from classes IX, X, XI, XII was conducted on 5 May, 2016.Resource person Mr. Gagandeep and Ms. Akansha from Education Times had interesting sessions with the students. The resource persons guided them about the various career options that they can choose after schooling as per choice and performance. Conduction of such workshops from time to time are of great benefit for students who opt for the streams after class X and professional courses after class XII

Tittle : An Interaction with Odyssey dancer to know about the relevance of dance in contemporary times.

Students of class XI had a golden opportunity to meet the noted Padam Shri recipient Odissi dancer Ileana Citarista.

Not only the students saw her wonderful performance but also got a chance to ask few questions related to her life from her.

All in all, it was really a wonderful and inspirational interaction with the famous dancer. Her charming personality impressed the students and her wonderful answers quested the knowledge of student.

Q  Good morning Ma?am , From how long are you learning dance ?

I started learning Dance at the age of 8 but have to withdraw myself from it at the age of 10. Then after a gap of 5 years , I started learning dance and I?m dancing up till date.

Q   Who guided you in becoming a excellent odissi dance?

    My Guru, keluchanan nahaptra was the torcle bear and guiding torcle to illumiuate my life

Q   What were your view on winning the national film award for Best choreography in 1996?

   It was a wonderful experience but it would have been better if the pietenity of Bollywood would have again tried to be in touch with me.

Q   You have achieved success , what were the challenges that you faced during the eutire jounery of successes?

  In the beginning , my parents didn?t Support me but gradually they started  encouraging me to learn odissi dance and make my career into it. 

Tittle : An Interaction with Mr. John Kerr

Students of class 12th had a great opportunity to have an interaction with the Executive of Cambridge Mr.John Kerr on 23rd April 2016. He gave answers to the questions to the different questions asked by Anjali and Shelja of class 12th and Sohini of class 4th.

Q:- How can we impart the English language in a country India as we lacking far behind than the other countries ?

Q:- How English language can helpful for gaining recognition?

Q:- How do you feel when you came to India?

Tittle : An Interactive session with the principal of Gargi College.

To increase the knowledge about Botany and to brighten the prospects of the future in science students of class XI and XII had a wonderful interaction with the Principal of Gargi college on 18 April at 11 am .The students from class 12 Akash, Deepak, Kunal, Bhavya, Ria and Janvi from class XI asked valuable questions on Botany, Biology, Zoology and how they can choose their career by choosing Botany as a subject

The Principal Mrs Shashi Tyagi showed the presentation about the college through different slides.  The students thus  came to know how Gargi college as an institution helps not only the weaker section of society but also differently able students.They were shown different types of labs and also came to know different experiments of Physics and Biology.  It was indeed an enriching and knowledgeable experience who went under the guidance of Mrs ANJU KHURRANA (HOD OF ENGLISH). The student understood that one should be down to earth and not proud of one?s achievements

What are the future prospects of botany?

The prospects of botany are same as that of commerce and humanities. Opportunities are equal in all three regions hard work is required equal in every field of education.

Why did you choose botany as a subject of specialization?

Till 12th my future studies were not decided. My father advised me to do degree in B.Sc. and post graduation for doctorate.

Then I choose botany as a main subject for my future studies.

Pursuing PhD nowadays is not easy especially for the weaker sections of society. How can we overcome these difficulties?

If someone is not able to do PHD then they can opt for something else such as engineering, NCC or either can go for banking.

Many of the students are now opting for non-med and commerce, med is now opted by very less students. What is the reason behind it?

Because initially the earning is low, and it takes a lot of time and hard work for medical.

It is a matter of great owner to be the principal of such a renowned college. How did you achieve such a great height?

My parents played a main role to lead me to a position where I am today. I started establishing laboratories in my college and soon established the Gargi College in 1967.

There was a leakage of AIPMT question paper. So what is the future of medical students?

Corruption is spreading like a virus in our society and we people are only responsible for corruption. Even the exam of IIT is brought in trunks by the professors, they have to do work like a clerk in the tests just to avoid the leakage of the paper, the question papers of XII board are kept in the bank lockers to avoid the leakage. But still there is a defect somewhere in our society so we are only responsible for it.

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