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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : TRIP TO FUN-N-FOOD VILLAGE ON 7-11-2014 AND 10-11-2014

MMPS organized a picnic to fun-n-food village on 7/11/2014 for classes VI to VIII and on 10/11/2014 for class X and XI.

Students were given a warm welcome by the staff of Fun N Food Village and were also entertained by them by engaging them in activities, accompanied by a clown  and other stage based activities where students won prizes also. A rain dance competition was also organized in which Tanya stood first, Sonali stood second and Ritu stood third.

Students enjoyed the rides in amusement park. Then water rides were enjoyed by the students. It was a very enjoyable trip for all.

The students as well as teachers thoroughly enjoyed their day and came back refreshed to school

Tittle : Visit to Fire Station

Tittle : Visit to Aeroplanet on 04-03-2014

"Picnics and Excursions play an important role in all round Development of child."

The school organized a picnic on 4th march 2014 to 'Aeroplanet' situated in DWARKA. It was a time of fun, enjoyment and relaxation for the students of class LKG TO V. Interesting and enjoyable rides and swings were there.  Children enjoyed having food together .

The tiring day at 'Aeroplanet' ended with a calm and relaxing  dance.  The students and teachers danced to their fullest.

 The trip ended nearly at 2:30 pm.  At the time of dispersal a positive energy was filled in both teachers and students. This provided much needed break to students as well as teachers which will be utilized perfectly by both and there was a loud scream of hip HIP HIP HURRAH! by all of us.

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