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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Position in Judo Zonal Competition

It was a moment of pride when Kajal of class V bagged FIRST position and Ridhima of class V, Krish of class VI and Devansh of class IX achieved THIRD POSTION in Judo Zonal Tournament held on 16th July 2018 to 18th July 2018 at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura.

Tittle : Lawn Tennis Zonal Tournament

MMPS organized Lawn Tennis Zonal Tournament from 13th to 17thJuly 2018.The school playground atmosphere was filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. It was the moment of great honour and pride when the students of MMPS participated with great enthusiasm and showed their worthy efforts and team spirit in all the games. Almost 20 schools from zone XI participated in the event. The chief guest Mrs. Richa Kalra (DDE Zone XI ), Mrs. Pushpa Ratnam (SPE);  Mr. Y .D. Sharma (Sports Secretary Boys) ;  Mrs. Rajesh (Sport Secretary Girls) along with Mrs. Rooma Pathak, the Principal of school inaugurated the tournament. Mrs. Rooma Pathak, our revered Principal welcomed the esteemed gathering and also emphasized on the importance of sports. The whole event was held under the supervision of Mr. V.S. Rana .It was an over joyous moment for the school and all participants. 
Senior Boys ( I Position )
Sacchitt Sharrma (XII), Sameer (XII), Gurnoor Singh (XII), Abhishek (XII).
Senior Girls ( I Position )
Jigyasa (X), Shreya Sagar (X), Tanya (IX), Aisham (IX).
Junior Boys ( I Position )
Kanishk Pal (X), Maitreya Rana (X), Sadhak (VIII), Harish (VIII).
Junior Girls (II Position )
Janvi Prajapati (X), Vaamsi (IX), Vrithika (IX), Japneet (IX).
Sub Junior Boys (III Position )
Govind (V), Priyanshu (VI), Yashwant Yadav (VII), Daksh Gupta (VIII).
Primary Girls (IV Position )
Isha (V), Omshri (IV), Priyanka (IV).
Primary Boys (IV Position )
Piyush Kumar (V), Mayank Kharia (V), Dhairya Kumar (V), R.Vignesh (V)

Tittle : Position in Wrestling Zonal Competition

It was an honour for the school when Suvebh Khan of class XI got III Position in 80 KG category and Naman of class X got III Position in 105 KG category in Wrestling Zonal Competition held at S.V. KAILASH ENCLAVE on 11th July 2018.


Friday, July 13, 2018, was celebrated as the Rain Dance in school for the tiny tots. The purpose of this event was to introduce the tiny-tots to the monsoon season and all the best practices that go along with it. The students were taken in the garden to feel the rain.

Children enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they experienced the joy of splashing about in the puddles, having fun in the rain while staying protected from the rains in their umbrellas. The multi-hued umbrellas and the bright eyed, smiling faces of the children infused the atmosphere with energy and fun.

Tittle : Show N Tell - Self Introduction by Mont students

Show and tell is a key part of the school day and an important part of your child's learning development, as it helps them to organize information and builds their confidence.

Thus a show and tell activity was organized in classes L.K.G & U.K.G on the topic Self Introduction on July 12 & 13, 2018. Students were encouraged and showed their interest in the topic. 

Tittle : Spellathon by English Club

With ongoing commitment of 'Learning with Fun',Spellathon activity was conducted on 13 July 2018, Friday for class VI to XI in the golden period in their respective class. The students not only wrote the dictated words but their meanings as well and framed them into meaningful sentences also. Students participated enthusiastically and did their best. This activity was highly effective as it creates the awareness among the students about spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words in the form of sentences.

Tittle : Popcorn Pasting Activity by Mont students

When the fun is involved, learning becomes easy. An activity based on Popcorn pasting was organized on 9th& 10th July 2018 in pre-primary classes where the students enjoyed the pasting of popcorns in different pictures like Sheep and Corn. It not only enhanced the motor, cognitive and senses in students but also helped in learning other skills in them.


Green Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the Pre Primary Wing of MMPS on July 6th, 2018. The students and teachers came to school dressed in pretty green attires and looked eco friendly. The green objects from a child?s immediate surroundings were brought to the class rooms to show them.
The students were taught the identification and recognition of green fruits, vegetables, leaves and trees. Many activities like join the dots and colour the picture, leaf impression and other fun filled games pertaining to green colour were organised for the kids. Children brought green snacks and eatables in their lunch box. 
Acts of green conveyed the message that we should not cut trees and plant more and more trees. Green Day was a practical learning experience for the children and was very enjoyable.

Tittle : Rabbit Race by Mont students

The idiom All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy holds true even for the young learners. So to enhance the student?s learning and their skills, Rabbit race was organized for tiny tots on July 4th, and July 5th, 2018.  More than the physical activity, these types of activities help children build confidence and social skills and also teach them the benefits of goal-setting and practice. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm among children as the fun-filled day came to an end.


It was a moment of immense enthusiasm  when Edu Tv in association with SRM University honoured the Students on 25-06-2018 with Outstanding performance in  CBSE 2018 exams.Chief Guest Shri Manoj Tiwari (Member of Parliament ) graced the ocassion and presented the Certificates of Excellence to the students and wished them success in every sphere of their future.

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