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Trips and Excursions


It was an honourable moment for the students of school when they got an opportunity to interact with DIG of CISF on 22 September 2015 in his office at ShastriPark.The students Sakshi,Sanjana and Pooja greeted the IPS officer with flowers and memento . They asked series of questions about  the security ,measures taken in metro  to which the answers   given enhanced the knowledge of the students about the different steps taken by metro officials for the safety of the commuters.The students along with their HOD (ENGLISH) Mrs.AnjuKhurana were shown the Dogs Quad which helps in nabbing the terrorist and criminals in and around metro station.The interaction was quite informative and knowledgeable .The students also brought back the valuable information which they share with other students.All in all it was an enriching and fruitful interaction.



An Enriching life Skills &Values ? A Visual MediaParadigm  Workshopwas organized by Forum Of Public Schools , New Delhi in collaboration with Expressions India ,was attended by Ms. Bobby Narula on 14th September 2015. The initiative to organize this Workshop  was in direction to inculcate the Life Skills Values among  the students to enable them to translate knowledge , attitude and values regarding their concerns into well informed and healthy behaviors .To empower the youngsters to take decisions on logical process of ? What to do, why to do and when to do?. Dr.JitenderNagpal  , Program Director , Expressions India along with Dr.Saina Khan and Ms.Gitanjali were the resource persons to impart this Training Program .The training stressed upon the inculcation and enhancement of Thinking skills , Social Skills and Emotional Skills among the students and sensitize an Empathetic attitude towards others.


Tittle : Interaction with Mrs. Kiran Mishra (Sr. English Broadcaster in AIR)

It was a matter of great pride that a group of students along with Mrs. AnjuKhurana (H.O.D  of English) had an exciting and informative  interactive session  with Mrs. Kiran Mishra a senior English Broadcaster in All India Radio on 18 September 2015 . She has been a voice of A.I.R. for the last twenty ?four years and a creditable figure behind A.I.R. F.M Radio success

.She was greeted with a bouquet and memento which was followed by theseries of questions.

Q- How we as students can enhance our speaking skills?

A- One should use Passive voice rather than Active voice.Be short and simple.Do not use long sentences.Using thesaurus, will improve speaking skills.

Q- How can we improve our vocabulary?

A- By using dictionary and thesaurus.Using synonyms of different words will surely help to use one word n different ways.

Q-Ma?am can we know more about your family background?

A- Yes,my father was a minister in Information and Broadcasting. My sister is working in many T.V. serials and documentaries in Mumbai. I live here with my mother.

Q Mam, you have achieved such great heights in your life. Who was your inspiration?

A - My English teachers and music teachers were my motivators? and also my sister too encouraged me a lot to enhance my creativity, thinking and speaking skills.

Q- Ma?am you have been such a good speaker.What are the qualities of a good speaker?

A-Speaker needs to focus on pace, rhythm, stress and intonation to give gravity to his voice and speech as it will work wonders for his personality.Long sentences should be avoided. Watching English movies can also help to improve vocabulary.Use of Oxford Dictionary and thesaurus can be made as they make language more attractive and punctual.

Q-Ma?am I am interested in Journalism and Mass Communication .What steps should I take to reach that level?

A- Well it is not an easy task .You need to work hard to achieve success.Watch Bollywood movies and listen BBC News then try to speak the same .Record your voice and compare with the BBC news and that will be beneficial in the long run.

Q- How the interest in novels reading can be developed?

A-7 Watching movies on you-tube with English subtitles can help to understand the novel better as after watching movieif we read the text we can understand it easily in a better way.

Q-8 What were the challenges faced by you to achieve success?

A-8 There is no shortcut to success. One has to practice hard to achieve heights in life. When I started speaking in all India Radio, I used to write everything earlier ,see and then speak .but now as I have practiced so hard from many years.  I do not need to write what I speak

Q-9 Can you share your personal experience with us?

A-9 YES, Of course when I was young ,I used to watch English movies with my family once in a week, without any failure. After watching movies I tried to speakthe  same as the actor spoke in English movies. I enjoyed doing so much.

Thanks Mam for sharing such valuable information and knowledge.

Tittle : Interaction with Mr. Prakash Javedkar the Environment Minister

It was a matter of great honour that agroup  of students  from class V-IX along with Mrs.PreetiAnand (H.O.D Art& Craft) had an interactive session with Mr.PrakashJavedkar the Environment Minister. He was greeted with bouquet and memento which was followed by a series of question answers

Q-1 What is the  importance of Ozone layer ?

Ans:  As a mother protects her child from cold by covering him with quilt similarly ozone layer like a mother protects the Earth by covering  it with protective layer.

Q-2  What are the  remedies to protect  ozone layer?

A-2 The  Citizens of earth also have a duty to protect ozone layer by not degrading  the environment, by reducing the level of burning of fossil fuel and by also maintain ecological balance on the earth.

Q-3 Sir, can you share some of your personal experiences with us?

Ans-3 During my childhood, at my place there was no electricity, so the question of A.C never arose. Today the children are privileged  to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries but they do not value it. They should learn to respect it.

Q-4 So many A.Cs are being used nowadays which has led to the rise of CFC.How can the level of CFC be reduced?

Ans- If A.C?s are used at 26degree temperature then by this way we can  contribute to reduce the level of CFC.

Ques-What is the role of youth in the development of the country?

Ans- The role of youth is not only to go to jail like freedom fighters but by doing simple and small acts of conserving environment and nature they can serve the nation.

He also shared his views regarding the consequences followed in the near future and his words deeply touched the heart of all present there.All in all it was a highly motivating and enriching experience.


For the Enhancement of Listening and Speaking skills a workshop was conducted  at G.D.Goenka Public School on September 12,2015.Kiran Mishra ,a senior English Broadcaster at All India Radio for the last twenty-four years, a multi language speaker was the resource person of the session. She emphasized on the importance of English Language for the students which has become the corporate language today.

According to her English is the language of power .Active listening involves hearing and understanding. She also gave tips to achieve excellent speaking skills. It was an interactive session.Many queries were solved by the resource person. Various slides were shown to clarify critical situations. The whole session ended well with a positive and inspirational note. It was a knowledgeable and informative session. The teachers were indeed motivated to bring positive charge in teaching technique for the betterment of students.



A workshop on Dental care was organized in our school to motivate the students to keep their teeth clean. Dr Dutta taught the children the process to clean their teeth twice a day. The correct technique was also taught to them. After the workshop all the students were given sample gift of a tooth paste and a brush. Students learned a lot by the session and promised to follow the advice of the revered doctor. All in all it was an inspiring and motivated session.


A very enthusiastic Workshop taken by NISM so as to acknowledge the teachers with financial literacy. It was a two days workshop at G.D Goenka School, Model Town. The training programme was headed by the director of NISM Mr Sandip Ghose and Head of NCFE Mr G.P Garg.The programme was ended with an interactive session by the Ombudsman of RBI.


A very fruitful workshop was conducted by Commerce Teacher Foundation which was headed by prof D.K Goel.The work shop was held at St Angels Public School Sec 15, Rohini on 25th July 2015.He took lectures on the latest changes in the syllabus of accountancy i.e. treatment of redemption of Debentures as per Companies Act 2013 and calculation of various accounting ratios, major topic of discussion was ESOP


A workshop on ?Kitchen Composter? was conducted on 19 August 2015 by Mr Jatin Khurana from ATP Mart Pvt. Ltd to create awareness about waste management by segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. The workshop was attended by students from class IIIrd to class XIIth. The students came to know that kitchen composter can be used in every household, school, hotel, canteen and other organisations to convert it into organic manure and also that this compost is not only rich in nutrients but also has earthy smell which creates a ??Green Environment? that is free of toxic chemicals. By adopting such innovative and eco-friendly practises not only the volume of waste is reduced but also safe and nutritious organic food can be enjoyed. Thus workshop was enlightening and successful in imparting environment sensitivity among all the students.  



PRITI ANAND from M.M. Public School had attended the capacity building programme on co scholastic aspects of CCE  held on 24-07- 2015 at Moolchand Medcity, lajpat nagar and conducted by ?Expression India?. The national life skills ,values education and school wellness programme .

In the workshop they made best possible effort to teach us attain overall development of a child and how to get adapted to the situation and how to make them more equipped to face challenges in life .They have explained the ways  to enhance children?s personality . They had done activities with us like play ,drama on real life situation so that we can connect ourselves to a child?s mentality .

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