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Trips and Excursions


A workshop based  on gender sensitivity was conducted for class III on 11th July 2016.The students were made aware  about the gender based  problems faced by them time to time .They were trained with the solutions to save themselves from child abuse and bullying etc. They were encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders to act upon the problem as early as possible, so it will not affect them in future.


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Child Abuse, Gender Sensitivity and Bullying a workshop was conducted on 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th of July for the students of class I to X. The students were shown the clipping of consequences by adopting such evil habits.

Ms. Sunita Dhingra, the resource person guided the students how to overcome these social evils in day to day life. She advised the students not to follow such habits. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding these sensitive issues. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.

Tittle : Workshop on "Web Rangers" by Google

Two students (Sunny sharma and Vinayak Budhiraja of class XI) and One Teacher (Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur) attended a workshop titled ?Web Rangers? focusing on Cyber Safety on 4th August, 2016 organized by Google and Learning Links Foundation at ASN Senior Secondary School. 

Web-Rangers is an initiative that brings together teenagers from across the country, train them about online child safety and then have them create their own campaigns, promoting safe use of the Internet. 

The students took part in interactive, informative and fun sessions on topics like managing their digital footprint, being safe on the web and identifying tricks and scams online. 

After the event, they had the opportunity to interact one to one with resource person Mrs. Uma Balan agreed to work on creative projects and collaborate with other Web Rangers from schools across the country.


To widen the prospects of choosing career in a fruitful manner the alumni of the school Mr. Deepak Singh, Associate Director at foresight group International AG on July 18th,2016 counselled the students of class XII about different career options in Engineering.He advised them to do proper time management. Also, he enlightened the students about the option  for Actuarial science after class XII. This information was very helpful for the students. Thus the session was interactive and helpful in guiding the students towards the proper career path.


A workshop on ?teaching techniques? was held on 27 May 2016 in the conference hall of the school. The resource person, Mr. Pranay, post graduated in MBA, dumb founded the teachers with his wonderful lecture. He inframed the teachers about the different methodologies of teaching. Time management and stress management are the other key topics discussed in the workshop. He also informed the teachers that different strategies in education must be adopted for the students of different level of understanding. Teachers whole heartedly participated in the enriching session. The enlightening session was highly inspiring.


An expression by Retired ACP Delhi Police was conducted on13th May, 2016 . Resource Person Mr.Chaudhary Bhoop  Singh Shokeen  guided the students how to enter into police services. The students of class XII got a golden opportunity to get valuable information about time management. He also shared his personal experiences and the hardships he had faced as a police officer. He emphasized  that luck favours those who work hard.The humble and friendly attitude of Mr. Chaudhary Bhoop  Singh Shokeen  helped the students to feel free to clear the queries coming in their curious minds. All in all it proved to be a wonderful interactive session

Tittle : Expression by Law Expert

On 10th May 2016 an expression on ?Career in Law? was organized in our school. The guest of honour was Mrs. C.K. Dateer. Mrs. Dateer addressed the students of Class 12th (Commerce / Humanities) by sharing her life experience of becoming a successful Law expert.


She emphasized on the need of an hour is FOCUS ON TARGET and DETERMINATION. She asked students to have concentrated approach towards their goal.


A special interactive session was organized in which students asked their queries and views on various spheres. The students found the session very useful and learnt to be visionary in approach. The session ended with the lesson of life to be target oriented and become successful.


A highly motivated worshop was organized by the school on 28th April 2016 for class XI to inform the students about their various career options in science stream after class XII. Mr. Sudhanshu Bajaj, the IITians, the renowned academician, very effectively discussed various advantages of different career; students actively participated in the discussion. Mr. Sudhanshu also satisfied the queries of the students very effectively. It proved to be a very enlightening and wonderful session. 


An orientation programme was organized by M.M Public school to guide the students on IIT and medical entrance examination for class XI on 10 May 2016,in the school premises. Mr. N.K Gupta,an IITian and a renowned academician presented an adorable session on IIT and Medical entrance exams. According to Mr. Gupta IIT exam is one of the most esteemed and tricky exam. According to him every year lakhs of aspirants appear for IIT and Medical Entrance but a few are able to achieve the desired result. He focused on the planned studies and reviewing the plan occasionally to find lapses. He also stressed on different approaches to solve difficult questions.  Mr. Cheeranjiv Sharma, an academician who presented admirable lecture for the medical students discussed various critical questions of entrance exams.  The important topics were the part  of the session.  He motivated students to study the NCERT books thoroughly during entrance and XII Board Examination.  Both the lecturers subdued the queries of the students and clearly stated the importance of professional guidance to the students.  The whole session was highly informative and enriching

Tittle : Parents workshop on Awakened Citizens

M.M.PUBLIC SCHOOL organized a Parental Workshop for class II on 23 April 2016   to awaken the parents about their children and to help them to understand them better. Many inspiring examples of great personalities were given to enhance their knowledge on child psychology. They were guided not to pressurize their children for academics only but to search for their hidden talent and to groom it.

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