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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Data collection on Healthy Habits in Rural and Urban Area by Maths Club

To inculcate the healthy habits among the students, an activity on April 27, 2018 was organized by the Maths Club. The data showing the percentage of healthy habits of Rural and Urban areas was not only shown to the students but discussion was also held between them. Data was collected of Rural and Urban areas and was compared; various slides were shown to the students to create awareness of food habits followed in these areas. The students were given very useful tips to maintain healthy and hygienic environment.The students also pledged to follow all the healthy habits and maintain a hygienic environment. Thus, the activity was beneficial as they learnt the benefits of healthy food and personal hygiene.


To build not only the linguistic skills among the students but also to enhance their writing skills, an Application Writing Activity was conducted on 7th  May  2018  for the classes- III to X. The Students wrote an application addressed to the principal to organize a summer camp in the school. The students were assessed on the basis of format and the quality of their content. Thus, the activity was very informative and students participated enthusiastically in it . 

Tittle : Interaction With Mahabali Satpal

To broaden the horizon of the students in the field of sports and physical activities especially about wrestling and its future aspects, a rendezvous with Mahabali Satpal, an Arjun awardee wrestler was held on 03rd May 2018 at his place. A token of love in the form of potted plant and a Memento was presented to him. The students Rishi, Bhavik, Samay, Jigyasa and Charvi of class XI had a great opportunity to not only interact with this eminent and renowned personality but were also able to quest their knowledge about wrestling. The students had different queries related to his experience in wrestling at National as well as International Games, his inspiration of life, course of success and his future plans for creating more awareness regarding the game. It was indeed an enriching and knowledgable experience for the students who went and gained a lot of inspiration and motivation from his dedication and hardwork in his field.

Tittle : Quiz Competition on Historical Monuments by Readers Club and Eco Club

To enrich the knowledge of students of class VIII and IX on different kinds of Historical Monuments a Quiz Competition was conducted on 01st May, 2018, in the Golden Hour by the Readers Club and Eco Club in the school library.  Ist Stage of the Quiz was Written Preliminary Round Three Teams consisting of two students each qualified  eligible for the Final Round, Master Nishant Paliwal, Quiz Master tested the knowledge of the students with mind blowing questions. Team Red Fort (Harigaran ofClass VIII and Ankur of Class IX), Qutub Minar (Hridya Sharma of Class VIII and Daksh Juneja of Class IX) and India Gate (Manasvi of Class VIII and Umang of Class IX).  The Students were able to give satisfying answers with great zeal and enthusiasm. Red fort team was the winning team. Principal Ma?am Mrs. Rooma Pathak   congratulated the winning team and wished them success in future. This Quiz Competition enhanced  the knowledge of the students about the rich heritage of our country .

Tittle : Celebration of 29th Road Safety Week 2018

"Sadak Suraksh , Jeevan Raksha"

To observe complete road safety rules road safety week was observed from 23rd April to 29th April 2018. All the students of the school expressed as well as learnt the need to follow safe road safety rules, through various activities. Students from class 1 to V participated in drawing competition and expressed it through vibrant colors by depicting 'Be Careful on Road as Life Is Precious'. Students from classes VI to VIII went through a round of written quiz. Students of class IX and X wrote real life and imaginative stories based on safety rules which were highly informative. Through the stories students highlighted the harmful effects of 'Drunken Driving', 'Reckless Driving', 'Road Rage' etc. And then stories also provided the solutions to these grave problems, thus making the activity educative and informative.

Tittle : Visit to Traffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh

As the school is observing Road Safety Week from 23 April 2018 to 30 April 2018 an initiative to sensitize the students about the various traffic rules and road signs, a visit to Traffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh was organized on 27 April 2018 for the students of Class IXth. The students attained worthy information regarding basic traffic rules and road signs to ensure safety of others and as well as their own. They also took a pledge to follow traffic rules and to spread the message to their neighbours. Thus, the visit was quite inspiring and motivating for the students as they learned the value of life and how by following the basic rules of Road Safety can save many valuable lives.

Tittle : Debate competition on ?Healthy Habits? by English Club

To instill healthy habits and polish the speaking skills among the students English club organised Debate competition for the students of classes VI ? IX on 27 April, 2018 on the topic Healthy Habits. The debate aimed to inculcate healthy lifestyle in students by encouraging them to follow certain regular habits like dressing up properly, maintaining personal hygiene. The students not only participated with great zeal but also shared their views by giving real life example on health and hygiene. Thus the debate turned out to be quite inspiring for the students. The winners were S.Abhinya (VIII B): in favour of the motion and Yaasir (VIII B) against the motion.

Tittle : Spellathon by English Club

To inculcate the cognitive skills and to brush up the sentence formation ability of the students, Spellathon was conducted in classes III to XI on 26th April 2018. It was able to unfold the confidence of the students. Most of the participants according to their grade level were well prepared with remarkable vocabulary and wrote word after word with great enthusiasm. Overall it was an enlightening and enriching experience for the students.

Tittle : Cursive Writing Competition for classes U.K.G. to II by English Club

English Handwriting Competition was conducted for the students from classes U.K.G to II on    April 26, 2018 to improve the calligraphy skills of little MMPians. The competition was conducted in the classrooms. All the students participated with great zeal and passion. They were judged on the basis of word formation, neatness and presentation. The competition ended with joy. The names of the winners were announced and are follows :



Name of Student



Aarav Goel









Dharna Bansal



Aditi Rawat



Siddhiksha Jamini

Tittle : Study of various Diseases due to Malnutrition by Science Club

Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person?s intake of energy or nutrients, which may lead to a lack of vitamins, minerals, and other essential substances and can cause night blindness, scurvy, rickets, etc. So to inculcate the value of being healthy and to enlighten the students about the common diseases caused by malnutrition, the students of Science club under the guidance of Ms. Rashmi (Science club Incharge) conducted a research on different diseases caused due to malnutrition and shared the valuable information about diseases, symptoms and their effective cure with other students on 26th April, 2018. Thus, this session was very enriching and fruitful for all the students.

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