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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Workshop on Child Abuse

To bring awareness about Child Abuse, a workshop was conducted on July 10 2017 for class II. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them. They were also made aware of the common problems like child abuse and teasing among them.The students were also encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders.The workshop was really inspirational for the students. They gained knowledge and it was fruitful and motivational for them.

Tittle : National Summit of School Principals organized by ICTRC

National summit of school Principals on ?Dealing with failure, Developing Resilience in school children? was held on 28th July 2017 at Multipurpose Hall, New Conference Block, India International Centre, New Delhi. They explained that failure will become a first milestone for the child to get their success. We should encourage for his/her success at the same time. They must understand that they are not perfect in all the fields. 

Tittle : Brain storming session for Youth Development

A BRAIN Storming and motivating session on youth development was conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports at Vigyan Bhawan on July 22, 2017. About 500 teachers of different schools attended the session. Mr. Vijay Goel (Sports Minister) addressed the session. He enlightened the teachers with his informative and motivational speech. He also urged the schools to promote sports for slum adoption and for heritage conservation.

In order to promote football he also declared free entry to FIFA U17 WC matches for the students of schools of Delhi on first come first served basis. All physical education teachers from our school attended the inspiring session. The session ended with an optimistic note. The teachers retewed with an oath to promote sports and to work for the betterment of the country.

Tittle : Conference on Smart Move Towards Smart Education by EduConnect

A conference on Smart Move towards Smart Education was attended by Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur (HOD Computer Science) on 18th July 2017 organized by EduConnect with a mission to support India in attaining its education goals in terms of quality, technology, skill development and innovation, and revolutionize the way our country learns, works and grow supporting the ecosystem.

Speakers in the conference set the platform for using technology not only for teaching subjects but also allowing students to do it themselves tools. Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Executive Director, IT & ITES Sector Skill Council and NASSCOM told how technology can help implement active learning in the class and she also informed that NASSCOM has been talking to MHRD so that these things can be brought in CBSE Curriculum.

Mr. Aurbindo Saxena, Vice President, Technopark gave Overview of Education and Technology in Inida and also gave various ways in which it can be made better and then implemented successfully. Mr. Abhinandan Singh, Educational Technologist, Founder explained how Technology is a useful level for effective Student Engagement. Mr. Manish Gupta, CEO, VideoKen convinced everyone that Artificial Intelligence can be used to support Human Learning and shown demo of their tool. Dr. Deepak Garg, Bennet University, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences talked about Technology as the Strategy Accelerator and briefed how they used latest technologies like IoT, Moocs, etc to teach and give practical exposure to students. Conference was concluded by a wonderful enlightenment by Mr. Roshan Gupta, Head ? Global Alliances & Public Sector Business on how Growing Demand of Experienced Faculty in Higher Education can be met by using technology.

On an all conference was fruitful and many has taken tips and were motivated for using technology in education.


To develop not only the enthusiasm in weaker students about the studies but also to create the ability to go beyond  the class room learning a workshop was organized about Teacher-Training Technique and Value Education on  July 5 2017 i.e. Wednesday in a conference room for all the teachers by the educators Ms. Santosh Batra and Ms. Sunita Dhingra. They discussed the various techniques of teaching like group work, pair work, group discussion and Learning by doing to create the interest of weaker students in studies. In the end Ms. Tarvinder Kaur educated the teachers about the need of imparting Value Education among the students in this modern era. Thus the workshop was quite fruitful and informative for the teachers.


The school firmly believes that a healthy mind reflects a positive attitude so keeping the same objective in mind a workshop on Bullying and Gender Sensitivity was organized for the students of Class-VII A and D on May 17 2017 and Class-VII B and C on May 16 2017. The resource person Mrs. Sunita Dhingra made the students aware on how to deal with the grave problems of Bullying with great courage and also to possess positive attitude while handling it. They were also shown PPT about the same and solutions were provided to the students for it. The Students were awakened and acknowledged about the gender sensitivity as well and how to keep themselves safe and secure. An interactive session was also held where students discussed their problems and also asked questions regarding how to overcome their problems bravely. The students were then encouraged to share their problems with their parents so that an action can be taken at the earliest. All in all the workshop was quite enriching, motivating and inspirational for the students. 

Tittle : Workshop on Bullying

To create awareness among the students about the deplorable condition of the children a workshop on Bullying was organized April 27 and 28, 2017 by Ms. Sunita Dhingra. In the workshop the students were acknowledged on this social issue and the solution was also given to the students. The students were encouraged to share their problems with their parents, teachers and elders so that actions can be taken as early as possible. In a nut shell the workshop was very motivating, enriching and enlightened the students to be safe and secure in this modern era. 


In an endeavor to bring awareness about Gender Sensitivity a workshop was conducted on 27th and 28th April 2017 for the students of class IX and X. The students were made aware about the gender based problems faced by them from time to time. The students were shown the clipping of consequences by adopting such evil habits. Students were guided how to overcome these social evils in day to day life. It was an interactive session for the students as students asked many questions regarding these sensitive issues. The workshop was really inspiring and motivational for the students. Students gained knowledge and it was fruitful for them.


A workshop was held for the students of class I-A and I-B on 27th and 28th April 2017 wherein the students were made aware about what is Good Touch, Bad Touch; how they should react and tell everything to their parents.

The students were also taught about bullying and the bad/ill effects of it on any student. The teacher demonstrated what is good touch and which body parts are included in it and same for bad touch. The students keenly attended the workshop and understood that bullying is not good.


To enlighten the children about better career options of their life, a career counseling program was organized for the students of Class XII by the school on 28th April 2017. Mr. Ramneet Singh from TIME Education Pvt. Ltd presented an adorable session on entrance exams in the field of Commerce. Mr. Singh subdued the queries of the students and clearly stated the importance of professional guidance to the students. The whole session was highly informative and enriching. 

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