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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Janmashtami Celebration by Primary students

Primary wing of MMPS celebrated Janmashtami with great passion and gusto to uphold the true spirit of life advocated by Lord Krishna. Students were dressed up like Radha and Krishna. Class II made beautiful flutes, class III made designed mukuts, class IV made decorated butter milk pots and class V wrote about the life of Krishna on coloured sheets along with the pictures and drawings of Krishna. A special corner in the school premises was adorned with flowers, pots, swings and pictures of Lord Krishna. Every student participated with great enthusiasm and excitement. Participation of teachers gratified the celebration. Overall, it was a graceful festivity.

Tittle : Janmashtami Celebration by Mont Students

Bal Gopals And Gopiyans.......MMPS

The spirit of resplendent lies in the celebration of our diversity and promotion of our culture. Students of class L.K.G and U.K.G celebrated Janmashtami festival wherein children were dressed as Krishna, Radha and various other characters of Vrindavan. Their enthralling performance on the occasion was appreciated and applauded by all.

Students of Class I also celebrated the festival with the spirit of harmony and brotherhood and decorated creative matki?s. Children also enjoyed watching videos and PPT?s on the life of Lord Krishna.

May God Krishna bless everyone in the universe with healthy environment, peace and prosperity.

Tittle : Show & Tell Activity on My Favourite Fruit by Mont Students

Stage exposure bolsters children's creative expression self-esteem and interpretation skills all of which can go a long way in empowering them.

To help our students excels in life skills, we had organized show and tell activity for class L.K.G and U.K.G on August 27th and 28th, 2018 wherein children enthusiastically participated and spoke about their favourite fruits. Children were dressed up beautifully as per the fruits they were enacting and were holding beautiful props.

It was an interesting and thrilling experience for the kids.

Tittle : Raksha Bandhan Celebration by Mont Students

Students of classes LKG to I were made aware of the significance and importance of Raksha Bandhan, a festival which depicts the bond of love between brothers and sisters.

Rakhi was celebrated in the school on August 24, 2018 by doing various activities like Rangoli making with flowers, worksheets and beautiful crafts related to the festival.

All in all it was a day filled with fun and frolic.

Tittle : Position in Zonal Hindi Extempore

Tittle : Hawan ceremony of class 5

To seek the divine blessings from God, a Hawan ceremony was performed for class V on August 20, 2018. The priest performed the ceremony. Students and teachers participated with great fervor and devotion. Everyone chanted Gayatri Mantra. Students joined in offering their prayers to the Almighty. Prasad was distributed to staff and students.  Blessings were given to the little MMPians. The ceremony was quite valuable for the students.

Tittle : Cleanliness Campaign by SAC Club

A street play was organized by the students of Class V- XI of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Committee on 21 August 2018 with the aim to spread the message of cleanliness in the nearby areas of Rani Bagh Market and District Park, Pitampura. All students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students distributed pamphlets on How to maintain cleanliness in the surroundings and feedback of the people was taken in the form of questionnaire. All in all it was a fruitful campaign.

Tittle : Rally To Save The Historical Monuments by Heritage Club

The historical monuments are a part of ancient  heritage of India which is closely associated with the identity of the nation.To create awareness to save the  historical monuments from destruction, a rally was organized on Tuesday, 21August 2018  at the District Park by the students of Heritage Club. Students recited slogans and displayed posters related to the preservation of Historical Monuments. They interacted with the people and informed them about the reasons of the crumbling of monuments and the ways to preserve them. The rally was an attempt to preserve and protect India?s rich and abundant architectural and cultural heritage for posterity.

Tittle : Project Making Activity by Science Club

To sensitize and aware the students about the benefits of balanced diet, a Project Making Activity was conducted on 21st August 2018 on the topic BALANCED DIET by Science Club.

In the activity, students searched and found the right proportion of different nutrients in BALANCED DIET.

The students learnt about the balanced diet and its benefits for good health.The students prepared the projects beautifully and creatively.

Thus, the activity was quite informative and enriching for students. 

Tittle : Article Writing Activity by English Club

To enhance the writing skills of the students and to make them aware about the Importance of Historical Monument an Article Writing Activity was conducted by English Club on 20th August 2018.  The Students of the club participated whole heartedly and penned down their thoughts and expression about the historical facts of the monuments. They also sighted the example of Jantar Mantar and Humayun?s Tomb that they had visited recently. Thus the activity was useful in brightening the creativity of the students. 

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