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Trips and Excursions


"Discover your career fit"

A Career Counseling session was conducted for the students of Classes XI and XII by Smart prep to dispel the doubts and qualms, students had regarding career options after XII on 11th July 2018.  Ms. Nidhi and Ms .Ruchi  briefed  on various career options according to their interest and streams like BBA, BCA, BBA-LLB, JOURNALISM, BBE, BMS, B.COM, B.EL.ED, HOTEL MANAGEMENT etc.

They also made students aware about the new courses especially the vocational courses, their admission criteria and various universities other than D.U, I.P. Students actively participated and asked queries. All the students were satisfied after attending the workshop. It proved to be a very resourceful and an interactive session.

Tittle : A rendezvous with the attorney General of India, Mr. K.K. Venugopal

To widen the mental horizon of the students regarding the judiciary system of India, the students Rahul Bhutani (XII), Simran (XII), Anmol (XII) and Harshita (XI) along with Mrs. Anju Khurana H.O.D. of English had a golden opportunity to have an interaction with the oldest ever ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL on 20th May 2018 at his residence cum office in Neeti Bagh.

The great icon - MR. K.K. VENUGOPAL was presented with a memento and a potted plant as a token of love. The students asked a series of questions about his childhood memories, the challenges he faced during his entire journey of being a lawyer and about his message on how to achieve success in future. His intellectual answers not only enlightened the students but also expanded the knowledge of the students.  He also motivated them to have an optimistic outlook towards their goals. Thus, it was a stimulating and memorable interview which will remain fresh in minds forever. 

Tittle : Workshop on Reading and Writing

Workshop was organized by Children book forum about the Garden of five senses reading and writing with all our senses by Ms. Seema Chari at Indian Habitat Centre.  She explained that how to encourage the students for Reading and Writing Skills and how to increase the vocabulary. Students of Class V, VII, and VIII enjoyed the Workshop.

Tittle : Workshop on What After X

A career counseling workshop was held in the school for students of class X. It proved to be fruitful. The students were guided about various career options irrespective of any stream. This would help them to choose subjects of their interest and ability in future.

Tittle : Capacity Building Programme for Class IX (English) by CBSE

To sensitize the teachers about whole language perspective using various strategies to language teaching, Capacity Building Programme for class IX was organized by CBSE on 23rd and 24th April 2018, facilitated by Miss Ruchi Sengar. The workshop aimed at providing an outlook to teachers to focus their attention in building language skills in their students during regular classroom teaching, thus making the learning of language more interesting. The workshop attended by our TGT English Ms. Oas Jain found it very informative as it was able to impart the various skills on how to brush up the knowledge of the students regarding linguistic skills.

Tittle : Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

To sensitize students of class V, IX and XII on Bullying, Gender sensitivity and Child Abuse a workshop was organized in the school. It was an interactive session where in students shared their views and experience on the issues, created posters and also took Anti ? Bullying pledge.

Tittle : Workshop on Teaching Techniques and Value Education

A workshop on teaching strategies in classrooms was organized for teachers in the school premises on 21st of April 2018 by the school counselor, Ms Sheetal Dewan. The workshop opened the conversation about learning disabilities in children, offering common symptoms and strategies. In addition to this, strategies on how to inculcate moral values in children were also taken up during the session.

Tittle : Career Counseling Session

To enhance the knowledge of students of classes X, XI and XII, a career counseling workshop was organized on 11th April 2018. The speaker Ms. Samantha Wiebe from university of Canada (Coordinator for the Arts Department at the University of Waterloo) was resource person who enlightened about various emerging career options without Mathematics abroad.

The workshop was highly educative and enriching as it was able to widen the mental horizon of the young aspirants.

Tittle : Workshop on STEM Education

To enlighten the Science and Maths teachers about the new modified effective technique of Learning by exploring, a workshop on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) was conducted by Mr. Shobhit and Ms. Mehak from MY STEM LAB on 17 March 2018.

They demonstrated curriculum based science activities and experiments from grade 1 to grade 10 which can help students to develop motor skills, scientific temperament, creativity and paves the way to innovation. It involves students in Do It Yourself (DIY) activities to make them understand and to relate and apply the concept in real world. They offer Robotics Lab and Robotics Club in the school as well as they support school in project based competition.

Tittle : Faculty Orientation Session on 7 Days Challenge

A faculty Orientation session was organized by TERI School of Advanced Studies, in association with Embassy of Sweden and Eco club of Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi on 10th Jan 2018 with the aim to orient the faculty to capacitate them about the modalities of the 7 Days Challenge.

The purpose of this challenge was to encourage awareness about lifestyle choices and their effect on the sustainability path. All the faculties were encouraged to take more sustainable and smart actions around choices they make as they EAT, MOVE and LIVE their daily life.

Ms. Tanpreet Kaur T.G.T. (Science) and Eco-Club Incharge attended the session at World Book Fair in Pragati Maidan and was motivated to be focal point of the 7 Days Challenge to be conducted in the School and will be orienting students and encouraging their participation into the Challenge. 

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