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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)

A seminar was organized on 13th Oct 2018 at Radisson "Blu, Paschim Vihar on ?Integrated Instructional Delivery System (IIDS)" and it was attended by Ms. Jyoti Kaur (TGT Science), Ms. Sukhman (PRT Comp.). The primary purpose of this seminar is to demonstrate how it empowers teachers and engages students at home for completing assignments using any gadgets including mobile cells.

Primary speaker in this seminar were the undersigned Professor Manmohan Sharma and their team and few Principals, Teachers from school shared their experience.

Overall seminar proved to be fruitful.

Tittle : Teacher?s Workshop on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom

A workshop for teachers was organized by the school counselor Ms. Sheetal Dewan on 24th September 2018 on Handling Disruptive Behavior in Classroom.

She highlighted on various factors affecting student's behavior and focused on the classroom management strategies. Importance of giving instructions efficiently and positively was also explained to the educators.

Tittle : National Convention of School Counselors on Addiction in School Children

Ms. Sheetal Dewan, the Counsellor of our school got an opportunity to attend ?National Convention of School Counsellors on Addiction in School Children - New Age Challenge. Organized by Institute of Counselors Training Research and Consultancy on 26th of September 2018 held at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The programme covered various aspects related to addiction among school children.

The resource persons, Dr. V.S.Ravindran and Prof. Keshav Singh made the session interactive.

The objective of this convention was to equip schools to deal with the complex problem of addiction. It was an enthralling experience and made her felt empowered.   


To inculcate sense of road safety among the students of Class IX and to groom them into responsible road using citizens, Road Safety Club, invited Mr. Abdul Khan, ASI and Mr. Rambir Sangwan, ASI from Delhi Traffic Police on 10 September 2018. The Delhi Traffic Police Personnel?s enlightened the students with proper knowledge regarding the correct and safe use of roads and road discipline by telling them about real life incidents and necessity to be aware on roads. They also explained various road signs and traffic rules effectively. The session was very inspiring and informative for the students. 

Tittle : Workshop on Bullying, Gender Sensitivity and Child Abuse

During the month of August a workshop on bullying was organized by the school counselor in the school for classes II, VI and XI.

The workshop aimed to educate young people on bullying prevention and how to be assertive against bullying behavior. Through role plays, story narration and case study pupil learnt to identify and stop bullying in their school and community.

Tittle : Capacity Building Programme of Political Science

For competence building in Political Science for class XI and XII a two day Capacity Building Programme was organized for Political Science teachers by CBSE inVenkateshwar International School, Dwarka on 13th and 14th of August, 2018. Ms. Santosh Vyas&Ms. Neera Kohli the resource person from CBSE not only stressed on the application of Political Science in daily life but also on theadoption of different teaching methods and strategies in teaching, discussion on types of questions, drafting of good quality questions. The workshop was attended by PGT Political Science Ms. Megha Training to be a reflective teacher was given to teachers. It was an informative, interactive, resourceful and lively session.   

Tittle : Workshop on Museum Learning

On August 7, 2018, Flow conducted its fourth edition of the Museum Learning Master Class at National Museum, Delhi with 32 social sciences teachers. Over two hours, teachers were taken through a unique learning experience developed around select artefacts in the museum. 

It was really experienced when Ms. Bobby Narula attended a worthy workshop and  instilled the skills how remains of past displayed in museum should be inferred. How every object should trigger the child's curiosity to learn more n more about the age, texture material used, utility of various items. The resource  person Ms. Arundhatti from FLOW INDIA was a great source of knowledge for the  teachers  present .

Tittle : Career Counseling for Medical Students

To upgrade the career quotient of the students a career counseling session was held in the school for medical students of classes XI and XII by Dr. Chander Shekher Aggarwal on 10th August, 2018

The session focused on new and upcoming career options for medical students. The students were also highlighted about the importance of attaining knowledge in attaining success.

The session was very informative and enlightening. 

Tittle : Mosquito Training Programme

To create awareness regarding prevention from mosquito diseases, Department of Environment, Government of NCT of Delhi had organized a Mosquito Training Programme for Eco Club teachers on August 8, 2018 at DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura. This session was attended by Ms. Tanpreet Kaur and was a knowledgeable and informative session.

Tittle : Teacher?s workshop on mindfulness

Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind

A workshop on Mindfulness was held on 31st August 2018 for teachers during the school hours. The specific aim of the workshop was to teach the techniques of mindfulness so that teachers could impart students to use in their everyday life to cultivate their ability to be calm, handle strong emotions such as anxiety and stress. It is not only beneficial to students but also teachers.


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