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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Dominos Visit

Classes L.K.G to 1 visited the Dominos outlet recently and experienced the entire process of pizza making. Each child got a chance to make their own pizza by taking the dough, adding cheese and topping and finally they were taught how to cut, pack and label the ready pizza. They were also provided with a mini-meal for a complete

Dominos indulgence of tasty pizza and garlic bread. The MMPians were also felicitated with certificates, declaring them to be certified as JUNIOR PIZZA MAKERS. The visit to the Domino?s Pizza outlet was enjoyed by all. 


Tittle : All work and no fun makes the life dull

Keeping this object in mind a long day excursion was organized for the students of class VI to IX on 13 Oct'2018 to Mojoland. The staff members of Mojoland warmly welcomed the teachers and the students. Students were amazed by the thrilling rides and rain dance. But the activity that attracted the students the most was the wave pool. Despite of the heat, the students had an awesome time and enjoyed greatly. The students also relished the delicious Indian food. Thus, the day was quite rejuvenating, exciting and unforgettable for the students. 

Tittle : A Visit to National Gandhi Museum

To not only inculcate the moral values but also to aware the students about the life of "Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi" a visit to National Gandhi Museum was organized on 4 Oct 2018 for the students of class VII and VIII. The national gallery included the information on personal belonging and the memorable journey of Mahatma Gandhi. The students were greatly thrilled when they witnessed personal lifestyle of great political leader. The students were also shown a short documentary film on the life of Mahatma Gandhi which highlighted his contribution in freedom struggle. Thus the visit was an enriching learning experience which instilled the sense of nationalism among the students.

Tittle : An Educational trip to Jama Masjid and Red Fort

To enhance the knowledge of the students about the majestic ancient architecture of India, an educational trip to Jama Masjid and Red Fort was organized for the students of class VII on 8 Oct 2018. These two places are not only architecturally beautiful but also remembered as one of the important era of freedom struggle. The students learnt a lot through this visit and gained great knowledge about these historical epoch. Thus, the trip was highly informative and enriching.


To bring back the lost zest of life, a day-long excursion was organized to MOJOLAND (Murthal) on 6th October 2018 for the classes Xth to XIIth. Students and staff members were welcomed by the staff of Mojoland. Students enjoyed incredible range of recreational activities like variety of slides, rain dance and wave pool were the specialties that attracted the students. They not only enjoyed but also had delicious Indian food. It was an unforgettable, exciting and fun-filled day out for the students.

Tittle : Visit to Iskon Temple

"Temples are a big part of our culture and tradition."

To receive blessings from the Almighty and to get a new perspective, students of classes I -V  visited the ISKCON TEMPLE, Punjabi Bagh. All the teachers and staff members accompanied little MMPians. They reached the temple by school buses and spent their entire day in the serene and quiet environment of the temple. They chanted the mantra of Hare Rama Hare Krishna.  The priest asked the pupils about the life of Krishna. Students enthusiastically answered all the questions.  Teachers and students worshipped various deities. Everyone came back happily with a soulful and spiritual experience.

Tittle : Visit to Jantar Mantar

From very ancient time, Science and History were closely associated with each other. To enlighten the students about the above concept, a visit was organized on Monday, 13 August 2018 to Jantar Mantar. The students were very eager to see the scientific monument.  When they saw Sundials and different Yantras, they were wonderstruck. The children were very curious to know the history of the monument and asked many interesting questions which were satisfied with by the History teachers. Thus the visit was highly beneficial for the students as they not only learnt about the importance of monuments, its preservation but also about the scientific temperament of the people hundreds of years ago.

Tittle : A Visit to Humayun Tomb

A visit to Humayun Tomb was organized on 10 August for class VIII students.The students not only gathered useful information about this great architectural monument but it was also a golden opportunity for them to quench their thirst of knowledge about our rich heritage. All in all it was a memorable trip.

Tittle : Picnic to Chokhi Dhani

A picnic was organized for the students of classes L.K.G to I to Chowkidhani, Sonepat on February 3rd, 2018. All students and teachers were welcomed in a traditional way. There were many skill games for students. Students enjoyed camel ride, horse ride and bullock cart ride. The environment was depicting life in Rajasthan village. The students and teachers were served delicious typical Rajasthani Thali with lassi and sweets after it. This picnic turned out to be refreshing as well as adventurous for students and they had a charming retreat as they discovered the vibrant culture of typical Indian village.



To celebrate the festival of joy and happiness a visit to church was organized for students of class L.K.G to V on 26 and 27 December 2017. The students were excited to see the church decorated with bells, caps and stars. They all sang classic Christmas carol and also took a round of the church. The father of the church also enlightened the student about the value of this festival and how it should be celebrated. Thus the visit was very exciting and informative.

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