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Trips and Excursions

Tittle : Visit to Gurudwara by Primary students

Students of classes L.K.G to V were taken for Gurudwara visit on October 30th, 2017. The head Granthi of the Gurudwara told them about Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his teachings of life. Students enthusiastically participated in the prayer and also enchanted the guru mantra which echoed in the atmosphere. Kadah prasad was also given to students.

Tittle : Excursion to Water Park

M.M Public School organized a blithsome excursion to Appu Ghar Water Park, Gurugram on 28th October 2017 for the students of class XI and XII. Trip began as per schedule with great zeal. Students after reaching the spot dispersed into their groups and tried the fun and thrilling water rides. They also enjoyed the lip smacking food served to them in the Food Court. The evening wrapped up by proving to be fun, adventurous and thrilling for all the students. They came back refreshed and rejuvenated to school. This was a cool retreat to the students.

Tittle : Trip to PACHMARHI

To overcome their monotonous routine, the students and teachers visited Pachmarhi , a hill station in Madhya Pradesh recently . It was a wonderful experience of journey  by train running through the lush green fields as well as busy cities. Students enjoyed in the lap of nature as Pachmarhi is situated in the Reserved Satpura Forest Range and has variety of natural vegetation and beautiful natural rock cut temples and caves . The touring students and teachers visited the famous Pandav Caves , Bison Lodge , Bade Mahadev, Silver Falls Apsara Falls , Dhoop Garh , Rajender Giri , Reechgarh  , Jata Shankar


To give a religious feeling and to make the students experience the true meaning of the Janamashtami, a visit to Iskcon temple was organized for classes LKG to V in Second week August, 2017. During the visit the children took a tour of the temple and explored the beautiful carvings of Lord Krishna on the walls of the temple. They not only participated in the kirtan but also enchanted the famous mantra of Lord Krishna. Before leaving the students enjoyed the Prasad of khichdi. Thus the trip was devotional and memorable.


To overcome boredom and dreariness of routine life of the students, the school organized a picnic to Worlds of Wonder (WoW), Noida on Saturday, 5th November 2016 for classes X to XII. The students were excited to go along with their friends and teachers. Students had a gala time during their journey. They enjoyed all the rides in the adventure park and played many games and won prizes. Everyone enjoyed the meals together. Students danced and enjoyed on the beats of Bollywood numbers. Rain dance was the centre of attraction. Students were unwilling to leave the place. The trip was adventurous, enriching and memorable for all the students and teachers. All in all it was refreshing and relaxing trip.


To develop the feeling of spirituality among the students of class LKG to V a visit to Gurudwara was organized by the school on November 4, 2016. Students paid homage to the holy book of the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib by covering their heads. Students enthusiastically participated in the prayer and also enchanted the guru mantra which echoed in the atmosphere. It developed the religious fervor in the students. At the end students were delighted to receive the Prasad. All in all it was an enriching experience for the students as they were enlightened with the knowledge of ten Sikh gurus.

Tittle : A Visit to Dominos

L.K.G. students had a gala time when they were taken to dominos on 17thOctober 2016. They enjoyed the flavour and taste of Italian pizzas with chilled cold drinks. Students saw how pizza is made and also enjoyed doing it themselves in the kitchen with chefs. It was full of energy and enthusiasm.


M.M.P.S. decided to organize a visit to DOMINO's for the students of class I A ON 18th OCT. 2016 and I B on 20th OCT. 2016. The visit turned out to be very interesting for the students as they helped the crew members for the preparation of pizza. They tried their hands in preparing the pizza from making the dough till finishing it with toppings. But, the most interesting part was the baking. All in the entire visit turned out to be fascinating and refreshing for the students. They were given certificates and at last they shared the pizza and enjoyed the flavours. Through this visit they gained confidence and value of sharing.



A visit to ISKON temple was organized for classes L.K.G. to V on 23rd August 2016. Since Janmashtami is round the corner so this visit turned out to be more exciting for the students. During the visit children took a tour of temple and saw the beautiful carvings of Lord Krishna. The story of Lord Krishna was also narrated to the students. Students enthusiastically participated in the kirtan and enchanted the mantra of Krishna. In the end students were served Prasad of Khichdi which all students relished to their heart?s content. All in all it has been devotional and memorable visit which students thoroughly enjoyed. 

Tittle : Visit to Bank Class IV

Students of class IV visited Nainital Bank in their neighborhood. Students learnt about the working procedure of the Bank. They met staff members and observed the working at different counters properly. Students questioned the officials there about the working and understood much of the things. They also visited ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and learnt the quickest mode of receiving the money and formalities related to it. It was an interactive and a good learning experience for students.

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