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Terms of Use

All the visitors are requested to go through our Terms of Use, which have been put forth by the school management. Every visitor must accept Terms of Use, before using our website. These conditions describe how a visitor can use the different kinds of resources available on our site, which are subjected to change from time to time.

Content »
The Copyright Laws protect the content posted on the website. Information or data that is present on the site is personal use of any individual and cannot be used by him for any commercial purposes. The content includes text, graphics, photographs, audio, logo, titles or any other element.

Usage »
The website can be used as an informational resource and any one can take information from the school website. The visitors must browse the website at their own risk and the school will not be liable for any technical faults that arise on the site.

Suggestions & Feedback »
If the visitor feels to suggest any change or recommend any idea to the school management, then they are free to communicate the same through feedback form available on our site. We encourage any such communication and will consider the same for changes, if approved by our whole management.
The website has been designed and developed to provide the information of the school to parents, children, education and every other person who visits the site. We appreciate your support and help and we promise to make the site more useful and informative for the visitors.