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Principal’s Desk

The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives - Robert Hutchins.

In an increasing competitive global economy a nation cannot neglect the educational needs of its young generation. M.M.P.S is an eminent educational institute that endeavors to assist the learners in the right direction. The school with an enthusiastic, experienced and highly qualified teaching staff along with excellent infrastructure facilities provides the holistic atmosphere for the child to develop into the capable young wizards of today. Co-curricular activities complement the curriculum and aims at developing the personality of every M.MPIAN at physical, mental and cultural level. Besides scholastic achievements school also caters to polish non scholastic attributes by providing a conducive environment like the inclusion of different clubs such as Music, Dance, Art & craft, Dramatics, Home Science, Eco-Club, Sports, Computer etc. for making the student develop his or her productive hobbies to meet the greatest challenges of life.

Timely integration of innovative dimensions in the school curriculum has facilitated our students to excel not only in academics but also in co-curricular and sports activities. It is through such participation in multifarious activities that moral and aesthetic values are fostered in the young M.M.PIANS. Innovation in education like use of audiovisual teaching aids, PowerPoint presentation, story telling techniques, puppets, voice modulation and theatrical techniques are utilized in the pedagogy to create interest and zest in the educational environment. Optimum stress is laid on the Continuous and Comprehensive education. The school believes in tapping the latent interest of the students and keeping this in mind the young students are adequately prepared to learn independently. We are looking forward to lighting a lamp that will illuminate the whole nation with its wisdom and create a pool of learning which will never dry.

Mrs. Rooma Pathak