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Co-Curricular Activities

Art and Craft »
“Art and Craft” is a way which helps a child to develop his/her creativity and power of expression. Thus special emphasis is given to provide artistic education to the students and to encourage them to take part in the competitions related to these activities.

Dramatics »
School respects all art forms and strives hard to promote all of them. So, the interested students are trained in the art of dramatics by the experts in this field. To create more awareness about dramatics among the students various workshops are also organized by the school.

Music And Dance »
Music Room

“Music is a great delight, it makes our life bright”. “Music has a great universal appeal. It fills our life with pleasure and feel”. Music is the heart and soul of a person. It has attained a great momentum in school. Students perform orchestra playing the rhythm and tunes on musical instruments. The young musicians perform various footapping numbers. They also create soul stirring music on beats of various contemporary, classical, musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, guitar with the help of well trained expert teachers.

Dance Studio

The students are rejuvenated not only by fusion dance which reveals the best of both the ancient and contemporary dance forms but also are taught the techniques of other dance forms like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Folk, Salsa, Jazz etc. The students dancing skills are harnessed in the dance studio by expert dance teachers.