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Schools are the real nation builders” This proverb holds high in our school as the following clubs have been initiated to make the students understand the basic concepts in a better way.

Language Club »
The Language clubs play a dynamic role in enhancing oratory and calligraphy skills of the students through carefully structured activities and provide a platform to polish them in such a way that they face the challenges of life and bring laurels to school. It also helps students to make spontaneous decisions while debating and discussing a topic and hence enabling them to exude self confidence

Eco-Club »
Eco-Club of the school is working to spread the above stated message of mother earth. Members of the Eco-club through various activities like Tree-planting, Posters, Slogans, Rallies, Cleaning the surroundings etc. try to make the people aware of the significance of the greenery and cleanliness. Field trips are also organized to make the students aware of various kinds of species of plants, animals and birds.

Heritage and Integrity Club »
Heritage is a conceptual identity of an area which includes not only built tangible Heritage but has intangible aspects like its language, lifestyles, ceremonies, festivities, work cultures inherent / specific of a community. To promote its awareness and involvement in Heritage and to inculcate a respect for diversity Heritage club has been initiated. It also cultivates 'Human Values' among students by means of organizing games, activities and workshops thus teaching them the integrity of the moral values.

Art & Craft Club »
“Art and Craft” is a way which helps a child to develop his/her creativity and power of expression. Thus special emphasis is given to provide artistic education to the students and to encourage them to take part in the competitions related to these activities.

Sports Club »
M.M.P.S. strogly believes in the physical development of each and every student along with the intellectual development. Hence special coaching is provided by the well trained, renowned coaches during zero-period daily which is open for all. Our sports teams have bagged a number of trophies in various zonal and interschool sports competitions. The school offers training in following sports:-
Table Tennis, Chess, Caram-Board.
Karate, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Skating, Gymnastic, Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, etc.

Music Club »
Music helps to harmonize one's inner self with nature and God. Thus it imparts ecstatic joy, peace and freshness to the mind and soul. Keeping this benefit in view students are given education in Music (both vocal as well as instrumental) by well-trained, expert teachers. Our school choir has secured many prizes in competitions held by the Directorate of Education and by various cultural organizations in this capital city.

Dance Club »
India is a land of various Dance forms. To propagate this culture to the coming generations M.M.P.S. provides Dance education to its students. They are given training in classical Indian, Western and Indian folk dances by expert teachers.